Relationship Rewards a rewards program just for you

Picatinny Relationship Rewards is our way of thanking members that enjoy the benefits of membership and have a full financial relationship with Picatinny.

Based on your financial relationship, you can earn FREE services, bonus rates on your savings, and even lower rates on your loans.

As a member, you will be automatically enrolled in the Relationship Rewards Program. There are no enrollment forms to fill out or annual fees. Just start using Picatinny for all your financial needs and you will automatically earn free services and discounts.
Valued • Preferred • Premier • Platinum
Reward Levels

  • Reward Levels Based On Combined Savings & Loan Balances
  • Earn Free Services
  • Discounts On Loans
  • Bonus Rates On Savings
  • Auto Enrollment
  • No Annual Fee

It’s just our way of saying think you for your business.
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