Switching from Your Bank to Picatinny

Picking a financial institution that fits your needs is an important choice, especially if you’ve decided to switch where you keep your finances.
From automatic bill pay to everyday use of your funds, having hesitation about switching from a bank to a credit union is understandable. Though it may seem stressful, it can be a seamless, manageable process new members can easily handle.
“It’s scary for potential members to switch to a new institution because of fear of change. Many times they are loyal to their bank if they have been there for quite some time,” said Rorie Safforld, a Senior Member Services Representative at Picatinny. “They believe that it is a hassle to change their direct deposits or auto debits they have set up.”
Often times, there may be awkward timing between directly deposited paychecks from the old account to the new account. To avoid that, Rorie suggests transitioning to the new account by keeping the existing institution open for 30 days to ensure the direct deposit has hit the new account and all of the items have cleared the old account.
To get started in the switching process, you can download the switch kit documents to fill out. If you need further explanation or assistance, you can call or visit any of our branch locations to speak to a Member Service Representative (MSR). The MSR will assist you with all the steps and help with filling out the forms. The MSRs will make any necessary phone calls with you to make the transition as easy as possible.
To successfully transfer your money (and everything else), utilize these four steps:

  1. Discontinue using your old accounts, but don’t close them completely just yet. You will need time for outstanding checks or withdrawals to clear the old account. This may take up to 10 to 12 business days.
  2. Open your new account. Complete the application process online or stop by any branch location for personalized assistance.
  3. Switch direct deposit with your employer(s) from your previous financial institution to Picatinny.
  4. Switch all of your automatic payments and notify the companies that are currently deducting payments from your previous account.

Whether you choose to switch online or in one of our locations, PFCU’s professional and knowledgeable staff will guide you through a smooth transition.
“There’s no need to be anxious about switching as we have a friendly, experienced staff, which will make it seamless to transition to our credit union,” said Rorie.