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Payment Examples – Home Equity Home Equity Loan Payment Examples

Home Equity LoanPer $15,000 borrowedPer $1000 borrowed

* APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Loan Rates as of 02/01/20.

Not responsible for typographical errors.

4.00% APR* for 60 months$276.38 per month$18.42 per month
4.25% APR for 84 months$206.86 per month$13.80 per month
4.50% APR for 120 months$155.52 per month$10.38 per month
4.75% APR for 180 months$116.72 per month$7.78 per month
5.75% APR for 240 months$105.36 per month$7.02 per month

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