popmoney The fast, easy and safe way to send money. And It’s FREE



What is popmoney?

popmoney is a personal payment solution to pay anyone you know. It’s an easy way to send or receive money to or from your Picatinny Account. There’s no need to withdraw cash or send a check. Conveniently pay a friend for dinner, send money to kids at college, pay the landscaper or even your babysitter electronically. All you need is an email address or a mobile telephone number and you’ll be ready to get started.

Getting Started

Simply log in to online banking. Go to Quick Pay Zone and click on popmoney. You can use popmoney to send money to anyone with just the recipient’s email address or mobile number. You will receive an email or text notification when the transaction is completed.

The email address or mobile number will identify the person in popmoney and is used to notify the recipient of your payment. If the person is already registered in popmoney, the payment will be directly deposited into their account. If the recipient isn’t a Picatinny member or currently registered, they will be directed to popmoney.com to retrieve the money that was sent. For more information about popmoney, please review the Frequently Asked Questions or contact us at 973-361-5225.