Tips for the Perfect Prom on a Budget

It’s that time of year again when our nation’s youth are getting ready for the night they have been looking forward to for the past four years.  The week of prom has finally arrived and you have the entire evening envisioned in your mind. The one thing you may have overlooked is the cost. You know which dress or tuxedo you will be wearing, the time the limo picks you up and have your hair and make-up appointment all scheduled. Now comes the price.

According to USA Today, spending on prom is set to rise this year to $1,078. Where does this money go to? “Mostly towards the dress or tux, but limo rides, professional hair and makeup services, visits to the nail salon and new shoes and jewelry are also contribution to the increasingly hefty bill. Stick to these helpful tips to keep your prom night from breaking the bank.

  • Ask close friends and family if they have any dresses, shoes or accessories that your daughter could use for prom. If your daughter is set on purchasing a new dress she could still save on the other accessories that go with her dress.
  • Your perfect dress that will make you feel like a princess for the night can be found at shop sale racks at luxury retailers like Bloomingdales, Marshalls, or TJ Maxx. You may also want to check out bridal shops, they will usually offer heavy discounts on last seasons’ bridesmaid dresses.
  • If you are searching for an item that will compliment your outfit but the price is too hefty, search online. If you dig around you may be able to find online coupons, along with free shipping from certain retailers.
  • The average cost of renting a tuxedo ranges between $120-$150.00. This includes the vest, shirt, shoes, and cuff links. Research to see if the tux rental shop offers group rates. If they do, grab a few of your friends and see if you can negotiate a better price with the store.
  • Limos are always a fun way to get to prom but the cost per person can run up to over $100. Look for other alternatives such as a party bus that can offer better rates for a large group. You may even want to consider an Uber or taxi service.
  • Finally, you need to be able to make some compromises. If you are splurging on your dress, do your own makeup and hair. This will save you a lot in the long run. Make it a fun evening by inviting all your friends over for a pre-prom beauty party. You can all take turns helping one another get ready for the big night.

Your prom will be one of the highlights of your high school career.  You have been counting the days down since the first day of your senior year. Enjoy yourself but remember you can still have a blast without over-spending. Be smart about what you need to have a great time. Stick to these tips to keep the cost down. Your parents will be thanking you later!