Fee Schedule

                Miscellaneous Fee Schedule Effective March 1, 2019


Inactive Account Fee, monthly – charged after 12 months of inactivity (account balances of $499.99 or less)$10.00
Dormant Account Administrative Fee – one time fee charged after 3 years of inactivity on accounts
with balances over $499.00
Membership accounts closed within 3 months of opening$25.00
Each ATM transaction, not our machine and not part of the Allpoint Network$2.00


Return Drafts, each$35.00
Share Draft Uncollected Funds, each$35.00
Return Deposit Item, each$25.00
Draft or ACH Stop Payment, each$10.00
Share draft reconciliation per hour (must have reconciled within past 3 months)$15.00
Transfer fee – to cover overdraft from shares$10.00
Transfer fee – to cover overdraft from line of credit$3.00
Up to 8 blankshare drafts, per set (printed at branch)$3.00
Foreign Collection$15.00
Copy of Share Draft, each$3.00
Online Banking with eStatementFree
Online Banking with Paper Statement, monthly$5.00
Replace Visa Debit Card$10.00
Overnight Delivery – Visa Debit Card or PIN, each$30.00
Check PrintingVaries


Subordination request$300.00
Discharge of mortgage$75.00


Notary Service, non-members$5.00
Wire Transfers (incoming) each$10.00
Wire Transfers (outgoing) each$20.00
Foreign Wire Transfer (outgoing) each$30.00
IRA Transfer/Closeout$25.00
Money Market Account Fee – balances below $1000 minimum, monthly$10.00
Cashier’s Check$5.00
Visa Gift Cards$3.00
Stop Payment on Cashiers Checks$10.00
Levies and Liens, each$60.00
Credit Inquiry/Verification, each$10.00
Invalid Address Fee, each month$10.00
Signature Guarantee$3.00
Copies of any document, each page$2.00
Visa ISA Fee for non-US debit transactions1% of transaction amount
On-Us Check Cashing (for non-members)$5.00

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