2021 PFCU Annual Meeting


Monday, October 18th, 2021
Registration from:
4:15 pm–4:45 pm


PFCU Rockaway Branch
100 Mineral Springs Dr.
Dover, New Jersey 07801


Called to order at 5:00 pm
Board and Committee
Reports at 5:15 pm


Member voting is expected
to be held at approximately
5:45 pm


On or before Oct. 11
to Robyn Paiva at
or by phone at
973-361-5225 x 308

In accordance with the NCUA and Picatinny Federal Credit Union Bylaws, this notice is to inform you that the Annual Meeting will be held on Monday, October 18, 2021. All members attending the meeting will be required to show proof of identification.

On the agenda will be elections for the Board of Directors. This year, there are 9 seats up for election. 5 seats are for a one-year term and 4 seats are for a two-year term of office to the Board. Any member desiring consideration for nomination may forward their resume via email to: nominations@picacreditunion.com.

Resumes can also be hand delivered to any branch office or mailed. All resumes should be submitted no later than Friday, October 8, 2021. Please address nomination correspondence as follows:

Picatinny Federal Credit Union
Attention: Nominations Committee
100 Mineral Springs Drive
Dover, NJ 07801.